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AltaVista Radio
Live internet broadcasting network offering hundreds of channels across thirteen different genres. Requires RealAudio plugin.
Audio Ether Networks
Former DJ takes her radio shows on the net, offering music news, commentary, featured artists, events calendar, and community. RealPlayer required for listening.
Internet-only radio with live DJ mixes every day and thousands of hours archived in many different music styles. Requires RealPlayer for listening.
Online radio site offering six RealAudio channels of talk, news and music.
Station run by the students of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Playing a wide variety of hip-hop, jazz, alternative, rock, classical and dance music. RealPlayer required for online listening.
BoomBox Radio
Online commercial radio playing a wider variety of music than traditional commercial radio stations. Requires a javascript-enabled browser and RealPlayer for listening.
Non-stop music streaming of many formats, free membership registration required for continuous listening. Also offers system to access your CD collection from any computer.
Free 24/7 interactive, hit music-based audio and video Internet entertainment, where direct feedback of participants schedules songs for the next hour. Media Player required for listening.
A Destiny Media Player stream featuring anything from astrology talk to progressive rock music. Also providing people with an opportunity to increase their knowledge of radio broadcasting and break into an on-air position.
Cybro Radio
Non-commercial internet radio station broadcasting rhythm and blues, jazz, big band, swing, Cajun and gospel music for listening with the Destiny Player, Media Player or RealPlayer.
Destiny Internet Radio Network
Community of Internet broadcasters using Destiny Player.
DFM Radio Television International
An alternative/experimental/artistic and non-commercial stream from the Netherlands in RealAudio.
Digital Music Radio
An online radio station broadcasting a wide variety of music and radio shows from several DJs through Shoutcast.
Rockabilly, prank, 60s, and cocktail broadcasts through RealPlayer. With on-demand shows and archives.
Non-format web radio with an hour of broadcasting every week in the do-it-yourself tradition. Fresh and settled music, interviews, sound journeys, poetry, and other human outings.
Hober Thinking Radio
Listener-supported online stream playing a wide variety of old time, traditional, folk, Celtic, bluegrass, world, and music by emerging artists.
Breaking news radio and information, including news on broadcasting and Internet radio and employment listings.
Internet Radio Hawaii
Hawaiian music in RealPlayer, Media Player or Quicktime format, plus hometown news and fun. Broadcasting since 1995.
Invisible Radio
Indie rock, punk and hip-hop Internet-only radio in RealPlayer format.
Jerry Pippin Adventures in Internet Broadcasting
Featuring live Internet music and talk radio programs plus columns and commentary, headline news, chat forum, music, entertainment, politics, travel, and humor.
Jet Set Air
Lounge, go-go, easy listening, jazz, bossa nova, exotica and bachelor pad music radio show playing groovy tunes for swingers and cocktail lovers everywhere. Requires RealPlayer for listening.
KCLA FM on the American Radio Network
Home of Kaleidascope Radio Magazine, featuring over 200 weekly music, talk, interview and feature shows that inform and entertain audiences daily on its radio stations. Listen online to the audio stream, hosted by
Kids Internet Radio
Committed to sharing children's music, stories, and art from around the world through the Internet.
Kill Radio
Los Angeles community net radio station. Live programming includes music, performance, and information. See site for schedule; RealPlayer required for listening.
KPIG Radio Online
Playing a mix of folk, rock, alternative, blues and comedy, plus commentary. Live online through RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.
Large European Internet radio network, offering many streams classified under eleven different genres for listening in RealPlayer format. Site available in English, Italian, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
Love Underground Vision Radio
A live, independent, non-commercial web radio station broadcasting through RealPlayer. Playing music and talk-based content that's created or collected and webcasted by individuals from around the world.
A multimedia website dedicated to alternative textures in entertainment. Features include Premature Poppycock - the online radio show banned by the FCC, and Monkey Ink Online Magazine.
Radio network with more than 150 radio stations all in one state-of-the-art network streaming their audio from Latin America and Europe.
Music For the Net
Online radio station with rotating programs, playing a variety of music and talk in RealAudio. See site for schedule.
A network of several online Media Player radio stations.
Australia's first Internet radio station playing popular hits through Media Player.
NetRadio Network
150 free channels across many genres of music, plus music news. Online listening available through Windows Media Player or RealPlayer.
NWEZ NetRadio
Streaming RealPlayer audio, video music and talkshows 24/7, with live DJs interacting with the audience.
Phoenix Radio Net
Commercial-free Internet radio site streaming 5 formats over Microsoft Media Player, 24/7. Stations include hits, jazz, rock, country and local music.
Live and taped celebrity interviews in RealAudio, with TV, movie and theatre information plus music reviews.
Internet-based radio station broadcasting Progressive music 24 hours a day. Featuring international bands from 1965 to present.
Radio Audio Kiss
An online radio station, contests, free email, chat, artist links, and industry news. Windows Media Player required for listening.
Radio Ethos
Live Internet broadcaster currently streaming live audio in RealAudio format and have archived shows in both RealAudio and QuickTime formats.
Radio Mallorca
A 24/7 Windows Media Player music stream from the island of Mallorca. With recently-played album list, brief DJ profiles, webcam, and links.
Radio Quality
An internet radio station for factual, magazine and documentary programming on the arts, science, travel and ogther topics by Stuart Astill.
Live RealPlayer stream features independent music from around the world, including reggae, rock, prog, pop, nouveau, bass and beats, electronica and blues.
Online radio project aiming to explore sound and media within the context of philosophical speculation.
Reality Radio
Personal radio documentaries by Simon Jones.
Online broadcasts featuring 3 music channels: up-and-coming artists, rock 'n roll and jazz.
Redband Music Backstage
All-interview audio radio site, featuring interviews with Billy Bragg, Sonic Youth, Ice T, Elliot Smith and many others, with new interviews posted every week.
An independent Internet radio station playing uncensored, underground music of many styles. RealPlayer required for listening.
Slam Media Internet Radio
Playing modern and classical soul, acid jazz, bossa nova, Motown, wave, hip hop, alternative, college radio, current electronica; late 70s, 80s and early 90s music. Requires RealPlayer.
Weekly broadcast of northern soul, funk and alternative dance music. Also information on clubs and allnighters.
The Basement
Playing a wide variety of music from funk and blues to rock music through Media Player.
The Network
An Internet radio network offering blues, jazz, soul, motown, classic rock and hit music stations 24 hours a day. Available for listening through RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.
The Chris and Mark Show
A live Internet show broadcast out of Indianapolis, Indiana, with music, talk, and comedy. Saturday nights, 7:00 pm CST.
The Electric Penguin
Archived multi-genre RealAudio sets from a group of broadcast students at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario.
The Friendly Persuasion Radio Show
The official weekly radio show of 'Cool and Strange Music' magazine, featuring a variety of unusual music for listening through RealPlayer.
The RockReef Network
Offering musicians and bands a chance to be heard on 20 different genre-themed stations through
An interactive radio show looking at how technology affects society. Airing weekly on Tuesday nights from Canada.
Trouble Radio
Playing popular and hit music through RealPlayer. Site features a fusion of music, comedy, competitions and entertainment.
Virgin Radio
Online radio stream available through RealPlayer, QuickTime and Windows Media Player. Site features show details, DJ profiles, music features, video clips, and extra online-only stations.
Web Radio Puget Sound
Internet radio music portal playing music of a variety of independent artists on The Bud and Nancy Show. RealPlayer required for listening.
Weirdsville Web Radio
RealPlayer radio stream playing an eclectic collection, from exotica to industrial to space.
WJIM Audio Services
Providing a live weekly Internet radio show playing rock, jazz, blues, pop and alternative music plus talk. MP3 player required for live shows, RealPlayer for archives. Also offering custom audio production.
WKRP.FM Internet Radio
Radio station playing a variety of popular, country and classic music and entertainment.
World Band Radio
Featuring 32 formats of the world's music, entertainment, news, issues, travel and leisure destination markets.
World Soundcasting Network
Internet radio programming and broadcast journalism produced by K-12 students.
WOV Internet Radio
Featuring a variety of music rock, jazz, pop, DooWop, and classical, weekly schedule and free chat.
Playing all-live rock, jazz, blues, reggae, bluegrass and funk recordings 24/7 via streaming media. Also broadcasting on-air in Greensboro, NC, Wednesdays from 6-8 pm.
XACT Radio Network
A web-based radio network offering customized players that allow listening and creation of your own radio station online. Featuring radio 80s, rock, alternative, and country formats.
Xtreme Gaming Radio
The Internet's first 24/7 Radio Station For gamers. With news, music, interviews, downloads, demos, reviews, previews, and a nightly live show. Windows Media PLayer required for listening.
Your Choice
An Internet radio station where listeners request the songs. Playing music from the 60s through today and styles from classical to jazz, pop to disco. Requires RealPlayer.

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